The “School on Wheels (SOW)” is a worldwide versed concept of providing elementary education to the underprivileged children in mobile vehicles so as to cover maximum children in its ambit and ensure that basic literacy is provided to them all. The programme first originated in the city of California in early 1990’s whereas first introduced in India by Door Step School in the year 1988. It seeks to tutor pre-primary and primary education for all children in the age group of 5-14 years, thereby guarding their founding years to lead them to a land of milk and honey. The concept is no anathema to a real connoisseur and has gained unparalleled popularity in the last few years.

We, the team of Aradhana NGO aspire to kick start a similar project which targets specific group of children that are slum dwellers, living on pavements, brick kilns, rag pickers, working children in low income/meager jobs, students found wandering near the construction sites where their parents, school drop-outs, refugees, migrants etcetera. Basically every child who is been refrained from going to school because of one of the plethora of reasons that govern their external environment. If they can’t go to school we are going to bring the school to them!

We are currently running surveys in various part of Jammu to speculate how the land lies. To expolate the number of children who will be benefitted from the programme, and at the same time creating awareness about the education drive among the parents so they have a clear understanding of what’s happening and support the movement at the time of its launch with full zeal and support through their active participation and zero amount of skepticism.

The key component in the entire plan is to create a classroom like environment inside a mobile vehicle mainly a bus. The seats are removed to make space for a minimum 175 square feet classroom. Painted with bright colors, radiating zeal and buoyancy, its wall festooned with the numbers, pictures and alphabets, the brightly lit inside of the mobile classroom will be the reason that will make the eyes of the children twinkle with happiness. Learning will be fun indeed!
Children shall perch on the mats spread below, writing on slates they hold on their tiny laps.

So far now the dream plan has been envisaged in our thoughts and on paper, after negating various tribulations. We propose to run classes in the Channi Rama area and the adjoining places in Jammu, more precise locations will be decided soon based on the results of the on-going survey that is been conducted by our team. The classes will be run in the batch of two hours both in the morning and evening.

Starting slow and easy, we will have one permanently appointed teacher kept on salary basis while other volunteers will distribute the task in hand and take up responsibilities in planned assiduous manner.
The educations shall be imparted in a formal manner to provide an experience of formal learning experience among the children and that prepares the kids to be able to rise on their own feet in the future, both intellectually and socially and empowers them to get enrolled in a full time government school the following year or a good boarding school. So even if they have to leave the programme midway because of some reason they can explore their options of joining schools on their own in the new city.


  • An Affiliation to a School that can impart genuineness to our program and our actions.
  • A School bus which is capable of accommodating at least 30 children in one go.
  • Bus Driver.
  • Funds to meet expenses of the petrol.
  • Sufficient funds to buy books that are otherwise unavailable to get through donations and are missing from the curriculum.
  • Sufficient funds to buy stationary such as note-books, pencils, etcetera.

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