Computer Kranti

There is no denying the fact that our nation is growing tech savvy with each passing day, and the government emphasizes it to be more robust by launching movements that want to create a perky “Digital India”. With this pace by the time a toddler would grow up to be an adult the world would be online. We hence firstly provide the basic theoretical computing knowledge to the children and thereafter acquaint them with the smart device so it no longer remains to be an enigma to them. The programme has successfully completed its course in many regions but due to the overwhelming response from the children and their eagerness to learn more we are also currently running it live in four locations of Jammu.


It all began with a lean effort to help these young buds know what a computer exactly is and what are its uses in today’s world of innovation and technology. But in the very first class, we realized their uncompromising will and concerned curiosity about this new world they were about to explore. The time spent with them was so dear as well as constructive that we began to conduct as many computer lectures as we could. More and more members joined in and we carried our personal laptops, so as to make them perform practical.
Various topics that are being covered are: Basics of Computers, Parts of Computer and their functions, Paint, MS Word, MS Power point and Internet and its use.


  • Orphanage, Ved Mandir Amphalla
  • Maratha Mohala, Near Trikuta Complex, Trikuta Nagar Jammu
  • Govt, Primary School, Near MIET college
  • Slum Aream near Jammu Railway station.

Targeted Group

A bunch of around 40 children native of Orissa and Chattisgarh. These were regular school going children but not opportune enough to experience the world of computers.


After successfully running this program, we are pretty sure that almost all the kids who were able and sincere enough can successfully operate a computer. Our motive was simple, to try to provide them with an equal opportunity of global competence with elementary needs. Eventually, these children may never get a computer until their adulthood, but we are immensely proud to say that if they do and when they do, they will not hesitate or be afraid to use it.

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