ARADHANA- A ray of hope is an ethical non-governmental organization which was founded on 25th December, 2009 by a 17 year old visionary Monika Mitter. A resident of the Jammu city herself, she started reaching out to the common underprivileged masses amid her school activities out of her own personal interest, but soon the intellectual divertissement transferred into a movement which was driven by clear goals to tackle the complex challenges of expanding the knowledge base among street kids and empowering them to realize their basic fundamental right of education.

With constant perseverance and a will to bring about greater, better changes the team grew bigger with more enthusiastic volunteers joining with proactive attitude and thoughtful approaches.


The early pioneers of the organization comprised merely of few college friends, and together they started looking out for the needful, and aiding them as much as they could.
The little celebrations and activities that were carried out in the beginning under the motive of a pure sympathetic action, soon transformed into a necessity that was much required.
The feeling experienced after few such endeavors, ignited a spark that asked for a constant fuelling from that moment on.
Throughout the journey new volunteers joined in, who found this work distinctive as well as gratifying.
As of now, the team comprises of 80+ dedicated members and volunteers and is constantly growing.
By working together, in order to better the conditions of the downtrodden without keeping any foul intentions, this initiative has only grown bigger, better and stronger by each passing day.


Minimum basic education to all the children in between the age of 5-17 years so that their initial years of grooming can be given a conductive conditional environment where there is growth, independence and opportunities to make a livelihood filled with dignity and respect.