ARADHANA- A ray of hope is an ethical non-governmental organization which was founded on 25th December, 2009 by a 17 year old visionary Monika Mitter. A resident of the Jammu city herself, she started reaching out to the common underprivileged masses amid her school activities out of her own personal interest, but soon this intellectual conception transferred into a movement which was driven by clear goals to tackle the complex challenges of illiteracy and un-enlightenment among the less fortunate children.


The diminutive activities and undertakings under the motive of a pure sympathetic action, started yielding fruitful results that asked for a constant fueling from that moment on. The count of volunteers increased day by day and we are now a team of 100+ members. The initiative has only grown bigger and stronger with the inputs from those who found the work distinctive and gratifying.



Minimum basic education to all the children in between the age of 5-17 years so that their initial years of grooming can be given a conductive conditional environment where there is growth, independence and opportunities to make a livelihood filled with dignity and respect.

Organisation's Core Values

Sense of responsibility – We believe that responsibility is accepting that we are the cause and the solution of the matter.

Self initiative – The zest to bring a change should come from within, not by any kind of outside pressure.

Love and kindness – We treat children with loving and kind attitude as kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and blind can see.

Integrity and Honesty – The organization operates ethically considering all the moral principles and with a legacy as rich as honesty.

Active participation – A mission can only be achieved when there is regularity of hardwork and sheer dedication and our members give their best shot in whatever they take up.