One sight that bothers to almost every individual of the society is when we see little kids begging and rag picking, and doing meagre work all around the city. It was a longing disturbance for most of our members too, and therefore, our team reached to one of such rag picking hub at Bhagwati Nagar.


A question that haunts every one of us: why do these kids do such unsightly job? Well, it can be answered by yet another question that where do such kids actually come from? Well, these children are basically migrated from far troubled areas and in our case, majorly from Burma, and the fact makes them incommunicable and uncultivable into our society. Due to these basic fails, they lose out on opportunities like education, health and hygiene along with their psychosocial development and when they lose, they turn into the misfortunes, we observe on the roads and in our streets.
After sensing this elemental gap, a team of our members started weekly sessions for these children under which, we started teaching them basics of English, Hindi and Math. We also provided them with necessary stationary. Moreover, to keep their spirits durable and conscious high, we regularly carry out various curricular activities like P.T, color filling, dancing, singing, playing ball, etc.


  • Burmese Colonies of Jammu

Targeted Group

Rag picking children more than 100 in strength, in various regions of Jammu, who are able and eager to learn but don’t go to school due to various reasons.


After a span of about 10 months, we can proudly say that there has been a sensible and progressive change in the attitudes, skills and knowledge of all the children. And the best part was that we could admit approximately 30 such children into their nearby government schools under the vision that “Right to Education’ is a fundamental right for everyone, irrespective of their nationality or anything else.
It can simply be concluded that these chaste minds, who could have otherwise easily been excited into some evil of the society, have now altered their first steps towards a succeeding as well as promising future.

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