Project Sunayan

Sunayan, was altogether a unique activity that Aradhana had never before encountered. This program was chiefly designed in order to provide education regarding computer to sightless girls, both theoretical and practical. Needless to point out that, this project offered a whole new experience to the students as well as the members who were assigned to teach them.


The initial period of the program needed the most labour, as the students were naive of computer education and had to be started
from the very basics, and unlike the normal students, who could be taught through blackboards and notebooks, the only way to teach these children was by verbally dictating them each and every point. It was the most important thing to be pleasantly amiable towards these students, so that they never felt short, in any way, during the time when the members taught them. As a result, the students had formed an active affection with the members. Beginning from the very definition of the computer, the program included the knowledge of its vast usage and related technical terms. The practical subject took much more time and practice.


  • Louis Braille Memorial Residential School for Sightless Girls, Roop Nagar, Sec. No. 1, Jammu.

Targeted Group

A number of more than 20 sightless girls of classes from 6th to 12th.


As a result of the program, the students are now well aware of computer and its application. The frequent interactions with the members gave them much spirit to make advances with least hesitation and had made a stronghold on the elementary concepts of computer. The practical usage, and overall handling of the system has now been made familiar to the students. The classes conducted through this program developed a very delightful bond between the members and the students. And till date, the children remember each associated member in the program and are often paid a visit by our team on different occasions.

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