Be a part of Aradhana

Volunteer-ship for “Aradhana- A Ray of Hope” shall be open to all adult citizens of India without any distinction. The executive committee may admit a person after the applicants submit their application for volunteer-ship in the prescribed form. The executive committee holds the right to reject any application, or expel any person, if it is considered to hinder the purpose, aims or objectives of the organization.
The Chairperson will hold the authority to make the final decision for admission or rejection of any person into the organization.

After successfully completing 3 months as a volunteer for the organization, a person can opt to the type of membership, which he/she finds suitable for themselves.


    a person is recognised as an active member our organization if

  • Active
  • He/she actively participates in any of the on-going programmes or he/she be the part of Administration work.
  • Every active member has to pay a minimum of Rs. 50 as a part of monthly contribution.
  • The best active Member will be awarded in the foundation day celebration held every year in the month of December.

    a person is recognised as passive member our organization if

  • Passive
  • He/she cannot actively be in the ongoing programmes.
  • He/she gives ideas regarding various activities.
  • He/she works from outside for any research purpose in any project.
  • Every passive member has to pay a minimum of Rs. 200 as a part of monthly contribution
  • The Best Passive Member will be awarded in the yearly function held in the month of December

    a person is recognised as a contributor of our organization if

  • He/she gives monetary support once a year without fail.
  • He/she contributes with any form of material.
  • All the contributors are honoured in our yearly events.